Vinyl Seawall

Provencher Piers offers state-of-the-art vinyl seawalls, for commercial installations and waterfront home sites. A decision to use a vinyl seawall system will enhance the value of your property, and remove the burden of future replacement cost due to material break-down. A vinyl sheet pile seawall is an excellent choice for areas where the water bottom is soft.

Vinyl seawalls are the newest technology, carry up to a fifty year manufacturer’s warranty, and provide a lifetime of protection for your waterfront property. A vinyl seawall is an excellent option due to its longevity and inability to corrode and deteriorate. Vinyl sheet pilings are a high performance, environmentally friendly, and cost effective product compared to wood, concrete and steel. Traditional materials have no performance guarantee, and begin breaking down almost immediately in a salt-water environment. Vinyl seawalls are available in a variety of different colors and best of all; the material will not rust, decay or corrode in the marine environment.